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Custom Automation Grows Your Business


This article is good advice for those looking to expand their business with custom automation:

Control Engineering – Deciding to Automate

Making the decision to automate your manufacturing process can be overwhelming.  Due to constantly changing and evolving controls and solutions, it can be difficult to know which direction to go.  Element Machinery has a long history of designing custom automation processes to fit your needs and, most importantly, your budget.  Our experience spans metals, packaging, paper, and even pharmaceutical industries, so we’re not afraid to tackle your requirements.  Below are some sample processes which we have automated for customers:

  • Reduce material in thickness to precise tolerance
  • Flattening plate and sheet to a desired straightness
  • Counting and stacking at high speed sheeter on web press
  • Cutting material to an exact length or weight
  • Using robots for repetitive manual tasks

Custom automation is a tough product to market because it can adapt to any process or industry, so feel free to visit our high speed automation page for more information.  Once you’ve had a chance to review our products, contact us so we can help make your life easier.

Call today and let’s finally build something!

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