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Performing a retrofit on existing equipment can prolong machine lifespan, increase capabilities, and bridge the gap to new markets. With our detailed approach to equipment evaluation and redesign capabilities, we can help improve and upgrade existing machinery.


  1. Carry out the spirit and letter of all agreements and contracts in which we engage.
  2. Respond to inquiries, advertise, and offer machinery and equipment as accurately as we are able, sharing:
    a. Name of Manufacturer
    b. Serial Number
    c. Condition
    d. Specifications
    e. Adherence to standard industry terms and definitions
  3. Honor every option given a prospective buyer.
  4. Advise prospective customers of conditions and circumstances of sale when offering customer- owned machinery and equipment through a brokerage arrangement.

Although the used equipment can be purchased as-is, Element’s highly trained engineers can take it a step further to assure you are receiving up to date machinery, the latest technology, safety advances and efficient production enhancements. Please inquire about remanufacturing or retrofitting your existing equipment.

Some of the technologies we add or modernize are:

Electrical systems, motors and drives
Hydraulic systems, servo motors and pumps
Roll conditioning, grinding and re-hardening
Babbitt plain bearing, bronze bushing and spherical roller bearing repair/replacement
Automation controls
Control consoles with modern HMI and PLC logic


Element has 35 ton capacity cranes that can load your flatbed or open top container. We can chock, block, chain, bind and crate your equipment for a nominal fee. Element has come to supply our equipment to over fifty countries. We have the ability to offer the following incoterms terms of shipment;

When shipping your equipment by ocean and inland waterways, we adhere to the following incoterms;

  • CFR: Cost & Insurance to the named port of destination
  • CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight to the named port of destination
  • FAS: Free Along Ship to the named port of shipment
  • FOB: Free On Board to the named port of shipment

How can we help you?

Give us a call (855) 447-7648 or send us a message
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