Edging Lines

Edging lines are used to condition the edges of material. An edging line can range in design from a very simple set of hardened tool steel roller assemblies for de-burring, to a highly automated line capable of producing full round or shaped edges. This is accomplished by a set, or multiple sets, of opposing hardened rollers with a specific profiled shape. In the case of a full round edge, rather than a simple deburred edge, more than one roller set will be needed. In this case, each set of successive rollers will have a slightly different profiled pattern, so that each roller set does a small amount of work.  The last roller set therefore imparts the finished desired shape. Many edging lines are incorporated into cut-to-length lines equipped with flying shears for continuous running to make burr-free specialty flat bars from coil.

Edging lines can also be used to apply a profile pattern to the edge of a bar. This profiling can similarly be used to create unique flat bar shapes for:

  • Specialized heat transfer
  • Electrical
  • Nesting applications

Some of the more familiar industry edges or shapes produced are shown below: (Half section displayed)


Edging Line General Specifications


Our edging line has met the following tolerance standards:

Listed below are some of the general specifications for Element Edging lines:

Minimum Maximum
Material Thickness 0.063″ (1.588 mm) .25″ (6.3 mm)
Material Widths 1″ (25.4 mm) 72″ (1,828 mm)
Coil Weight 500lbs (228kg) 100,000lbs (45,359kg)
Line Speed 50 FPM (15 MPM) 200 FPM (61 MPM)
Number of Stands Single 4 Adjustable Edging Stands

Our edging lines have met a wide variety of requirements in many applications.  As a result, they’ve been established in many industries and have developed a broad range of options.  Here is a list of options and controls that we can supply with our systems:

Control Options Strip Material Industries Served
  • All PLC Platforms
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper/Brass
  • Lead
  • Exotic Alloys
  • Integrated Mills
  • Mini Mills
  • Aerospace/Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Centers
  • Construction

What We Offer

Single bar edging is used to condition the edges of individual parts and pieces. These machines may consist of multiple sets of profiled hardened alloy steel rollers that consequently induce a desired shape on the side of material.

A continuous edging machine is used to condition the edge of material strip for downstream processing. These machines therefore consist of multiple sets of profiled hardened alloy steel rollers that induce a desired shape of the material.

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