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4801 Bennett Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43612

Metal Processing

Our metal processing equipment is built to last. Robust designs developed through in depth calculations and proven with years of experience have led to a comprehensive line of processing equipment ready to meet any need.

Assembly Stations

Element’s assembly stations utilize generic code that allows for on the fly adjustment of assembly station steps. With configurable work instructions at the machine level, operators have a clear visual indication of each step of an assembly process minimizing necessary training.

High Speed Automation

Our experience in high speed automation equipment has lead us to generate solutions for the paper, glass, metal processing and automotive industries. Our focus on minimizing cycle times ensures our equipment exceeds customer time cycle requirements and removes production constraints.


Industrial robotic systems offer a new benchmark in flexibility, safety, reliability, quality and throughput. Element Machinery specializes in tailoring robotic automation solutions to fit your process needs.

Packaging Equipment

Our packaging equipment can be used to integrate with our metal processing, high speed automation, robot cells or third party equipment to give you a fully automated process.

Food / Pharmaceuticals

Food and pharmaceutical equipment can be challenging due to the need to operate under often harsh environmental considerations while requiring reliable functionality without downtime.


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