Press Feed

A press feed line or entry section is used to feed processing machinery such as presses, shears, roll forming equipment or rolling mills with coiled metals. These lines typically consist of incoming coil handling equipment (such as a coil ramp or coil car), peeling machines, an uncoiling machine and a machine to remove flatness defects such as “coil set”. Element Machinery has supplied press feeding lines handling thicknesses from 0.015″ (0.4 mm) to 1″ (25.4 mm) and strip widths from 24″ (635 mm) to 120″ (3048 mm).

Element Machinery can provide a standard press feed line design or can customize a design based on specialized options tailored for each application. Options typically surround coil handling methods to accommodate bright finish materials, actuator types to allow for energy saving operation and flatness requirements entering downstream processing equipment. Below are typical specifications of supply

Minimum Maximum
Material Thickness 0.015″ (0.4 mm) 1″ (25.4 mm)
Material Widths 24″ (635 mm) 120″ (3,048 mm)
Coil Weight 6,000 lbs (2,736 kg) 100,000 lbs (45,359 kg)
Line Speed 50 FPM (15 MPM) 300 FPM (91 MPM)

Our Process

Our press feed lines have met a wide variety of multiple applications. They have been used in different industries with the following options.

Strip Material Processes Fed Options
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Cut to Length Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Punch Press Lines
  • Rolling Mill Lines
  • Roll Forming Lines
  • Tube Mill Lines
  • Pickling Lines
  • Leveling Lines
  • Edging Lines
  • Saddle / Coil Car Handling
  • Regenerative Back Tension
  • Heavy Gauge Peeling / Handling
  • Multi-Speed Production

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