Embossing Rolling Mill

Specialized rolling mills that emboss a pattern or indent into metal strip are known as embossing mills. These patterns can be used for decoration, to help with structural qualities of tubing or simply to increase material length without significantly decreasing the material thickness for cost savings.

When embossing material, as by its nature you are imparting variable stresses across the material width, you must tightly control certain rolling parameters.

Element has experience building and controlling embossing mill processes to achieve accurate depth and width characteristics, while maintaining good material shape.

Embossing Rolling Mill Equipment Options

With any Element Rolling mill, we offer several options that are available to increase the productivity of your equipment. Some of the options that we offer to maximize the capacity of our mills include:

  • Quick roll change out options
  • Repetitive reduction schedules
  • Automatic gauge control features
  • Embossed pattern profiling systems
  • Finite tension control systems
  • Zoned lubrication systems with specialized lubricants

Element mills offer a wide range of feed back options for roll positioning that provide tight output tolerances. Our most accurate design incorporates non contact positive roll detection that can provide output to tolerances of better than +/-0.0001″ (+/- 4um).


Embossing Rolling Mill Experience

Element has experience supplying embossing mills designed for specialized separating forces and outgoing materials. These mills are typically part of our total line equipment with coil processing handling equipment to provide the level of control necessary on the material processing.

Minimum Maximum
Material Thickness 0.020″ (0.508 mm) 0.25″ (6.35 mm)
Material Width 1″ (25.4 mm) 20″ (508mm)
Coil Weight 500 lbs (228 kg) 25,000 lbs (11340 kg)
Separating Force 50 UST (45 MT) 700 UST (630 MT)
Line Speed 5 FPM (1.5 MPM) 200 FPM (60 MPM)
Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm) +/- 0.002″ (0.051 mm)

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